LeaderGPU expands its market coverage: now the company's GPU-servers are located in a new facility in Rotterdam

The main goal of LeaderGPU is achieving provision of modern GPU-computing for customers around the world with the highest performance possible. Recently, another important milestone was reached towards this goal: LeaderTelecom, which is accountable for the LeaderGPU project, signed a contract with SmartDC, a data center based in Rotterdam. 

The uniqueness of SmartDC is that the company offers its customers separate rooms with independent cooling systems, power supply, security and admittance with individual protection.

SmartDC data center has Tier 3 certificate (fault tolerance - 99.982%) and ISO 27001 certificate, which is one of the leading international standards of information security management. All this helps to ensure stability and effectiveness of providing LeaderGPU services to its customers.

Expansion to the world market is LeaderGPU top priority. The company persistently expands the range of its services, promptly responding to current trends in the field of GPU-computing. Recently, company offered its customers GPU-servers with Tesla V100 GPUs, abandoning obsolete Tesla P100 cards. The new offer is already available for all existing and prospective users.

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