Cutting-edge servers with Tesla V100 video cards – already available from LeaderGPU!

As part of the LeaderGPU project, LeaderTelecom has presented a new service – the rental of ultramodern high-performance servers based on Nvidia Tesla V100 GPU accelerators. It is possible to rent servers with Nvidia Tesla V100 GPU via per-minute payment. This offer currently exists nowhere else on the market – only here.

The training of neural networks for ResNet-50 using Tesla V100 occurs 2.4 times faster than with Tesla P100. Using the Tesla V100 demonstrates unprecedented performance in deep learning tasks: more than 120 TFLOPS! This is a unique result, which you can also evaluate by renting GPU servers with Tesla V100 in LeaderGPU.

Advantages of the Tesla V100:

  • New infrastructure of streaming multiprocessors, which offers a 12-fold increase in performance for training neural networks in comparison with Tesla P100.
  • 16 GB HBM2 memory, guaranteeing a peak bandwidth of 900 GB/sec
  • Optimised software for Volta. Libraries such as cuDNN, cuBLAS and TensorRT use the new Volta GV100 capabilities to achieve maximum performance in the field of deep learning.

Taking into account the significant advantages in performance, LeaderTelecom decided to ditch the obsolete Tesla P100 cards in favour of the more up-to-date Tesla V100, which are available for rent with payment per minute, week and month on

Touch the future together with LeaderGPU - rent the most up-to-date GPU-servers with Tesla V100 for high-performance computing, machine learning, rendering, etc.