What we do

We are mainly focused on development of complex ready-made solutions with artificial intelligence involvement which are operating on supercomputer basis.


We provide consulting services, covering design, develop, and deploy of solutions based on AI and deep machine learning. Contact us to negotiate solution for your custom AI and deep machine learning needs.

Design & Development

Our professional and experienced specialists with advanced skills allow us to create innovative business products, covering whole development cycle in distinct phases - from R&D to deploy in production.


Our team has successful previous experience in various analytical and data science related projects. We will make every effort to help your business with predictive analysis, deep machine learning, optimization, and developing necessary infrastructure to support analytics.

Supported Business Cases

What can we do for your business?


  • Consumer behavior analysis and demand forecasting.
  • Planning and forecasting of future sales.
  • Development of recommendations for customer retention strategy.
  • Custom advisory recommendations for clients depending on specific interest and potential needs.


  • Monitoring suspicious transactions patterns.
  • Effective prevention of internal and external fraud cases.
  • Forecasting the probability of occurrence of an insured event.
  • Scoring.


  • Development of user data analysis based services.
  • Marketing campaigns optimization.
  • Investigation of root causes and prediction of customers outflow.
  • Development of advertising advisory systems.


  • Risks mitigation while planning the logistics network.
  • Video surveillance data analysis.
  • Optimization of routes and timetables for public transit.
  • Creating efficient transportation routes.


  • Development of video analysis systems.
  • Analysis and detection of atypical behavior in public places.
  • Development of biometric control systems.
  • Assessing and forecasting of criminogenic processes.


  • Development of advisory systems with purpose of offering new services to citizens.
  • Analysis of citizens' feedback on services provided by the government agencies.
  • Creating solutions of city issues related to implementation of "smart cities" concept.
  • Creation of a dynamic political map.

Live Demo

Image Classification

This live demo prototype demonstrate how neural network can recognize objects.

May be it is not best for your industry, but this is prototype and we can build custom solution for your purposes.

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streetcar, tram, tramcar, trolley, trolley car 9.563762664794922
trolleybus, trolley coach, trackless trolley 4.577981948852539
passenger car, coach, carriage 2.7113454341888428
hognose snake, puff adder, sand viper 2.6790895462036133
pizza, pizza pie 2.212454080581665

Recognition time: 0.260643977 sec

LeaderGPU Intelligent Video Analytics Solution

LeaderGPU Intelligent Video Analytics Solution

This unique solution created for recognizing and tracking objects in the video stream is based on deep learning algorithms. It allows receiving data based on the amount and type of monitored objects from the video stream as well as build the trajectory of the objects’ movement, and track down objects in multi-camera video surveillance systems. Read more

Our credentials

We are professionals

Our research department has employees with Doctorate Degrees and graduates from well-known universities, who are always up to date with the latest trends in deep machine learning and Deep Learning.

Our development department consists of UX/UI designers, developers and digital project managers, who understand current business requirements and have necessary skills to create flexible, productive end-to-end solutions, as well as integrate them into existing enterprise processes.

What we use

  • We use our own cloud platform, which is 3 times more efficient in terms of cost and performance than competitors
  • We employ servers with a high-speed 40GB channel internet connection
  • Location of servers: The Netherlands
  • We use only most recent development software such as following:
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